Supporting our families, students and businesses.

Kathy is an experienced leader with a plan for Adams county.

Supporting a growing community here in Adams county is a big task. Kathy has identified these areas are key priorities. Together, we’ll face today’s challenges and prepare to face tomorrow’s.

Housing & Affordability

Together we must strike a balance between our community’s need for additional housing with protecting the character of our neighborhoods.

Public Safety

Kathy will advocate for more effective community policing and to strengthen the trust between our community members and local law enforcement.


Kathy will make sure programs designed to support the unhoused are run efficiently across Adams county.

Strengthening Small Business

Kathy will prioritize small business over big box stores who aren’t invested in the future of our home.

Protect our Environment

Kathy will fight to ensure Adams County has clean air to breathe and safe water to drink.

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Kathy is the right choice to guide Adams county into the future as a member of the board of commissioners. Are you ready to help Kathy win?

A working mother

Kathy is the mother of two sons in Adams county who attended public school at Horizon High School.

A voice for the voiceless

Kathy has worked for years to support wrap-around services to Adams county’s unhoused population.

A champion for sustainable growth

As a current member of Thornton’s city council, Kathy has advocated for policies that create high-quality jobs.