A leader’s experience.  A servant’s heart.

Meet Kathy Henson

Kathy Henson is running for Adams County Commissioner because she knows what it means to lead. On Thornton City Council, Kathy has fought for progressive-oriented values that lift up working people, expand the middle class, and create a stronger business environment and opportunity for high-quality jobs.

  • Kathy has spent years auditing hundreds of millions in annual expenditures serving on the Adams 12 School District Finance & Audit Committee and is currently serving on Thornton’s City Council.

  • Kathy has fought for progressive values that lift up working people, and expand the middle class through generational wealth and home ownership.

  • Kathy has fought to create a stronger small business environment to support opportunities for wage growth and high-quality jobs in our community.

Kathy’s upbringing: Teachers, Preachers, and Progress

Kathy grew up middle class in Colorado.

Her father was a Lutheran pastor and her mother was a teacher. She’s lived in Thornton for 20 years with her husband Dennis. Together, they have two sons, aged 16 and 18 who will graduate from Adams 12 School District.

Kathy graduated with a degree in vocal performance, which means she not only knows how to speak up and be heard, but how to listen — and the importance of bringing people and instruments together to achieve a desired outcome. That’s why she has delivered real plans and real results during her time on Thornton City Council.

Kathy has the experience to work hard and play hard


size of Adams county school district budget Kathy has experience auditing

50 +

the number of community theater productions Kathy has directed

Kathy’s call to advocacy

Kathy’s advocacy work began twenty-two years ago.

Kathy’s advocacy work began twenty-two years ago as a member of a committee that coordinated with the actors’ union to find ways to increase opportunities for Colorado’s professional actors.

Kathy’s commitment.

Kathy is running for Adams County Commissioner because she knows how to lead and make the tough decisions that benefit Adams County. She will always put our communities ahead of political gamesmanship.

Community first, always.

Through her work choreographing and directing over 50 theatrical productions, and being an active leader in her local church, she has learned that people will trust your leadership and step out of their comfort zone when a person is willing to listen, collaborate, and solve problems.

Kathy became an education advocate when her kids started school. She fought to ensure students of all abilities receive the support and fair treatment guaranteed to them in our public schools. During her service on the Finance Audit Committee for the Adams 12 School District, she helped audit a $560 million budget.