Support those who keep our community safe.

Kathy will strengthen our emergency response systems.

Kathy will support effective emergency health, fire, and mental health services as well as more effective community policing standards. Adams County will become a public safety model for Colorado.

22 weeks

Average police academy training length

On city council, Kathy worked to bring better training, recruitment, and retention to the police force. As commissioner, she will advocate for more community policing and to strengthen the trust between our community members and local law enforcement.

Kathy will work to make us safer and improve our quality of life by supporting a more modernized response by first responders and increasing both funding and more equitable access to mental health services. This includes funding programs that provide clinicians and mental health experts as alternatives in non-violent interactions.

  • Support our firefighters and other first responders by modernizing our infrastructure and best-in-class training.

  • Build more effective community policing standards across our community to build trust and safety across the county.
  • Fund programs that expand access to social workers and members of crisis response mental health services to non-violent incidents in Adams county.

To reduce crime, look at what creates criminals.

Implement strategies that increase community safety and reduce crime. Kathy supports recruiting, training, and diversifying our public safety with wrap-around services and mental health experts.

Kathy’s fighting for us. We’ll fight for her.

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