When families need a helping hand, be there.

Wrap-around services keep families moving forward.

Kathy will fight for more wrap-around services for the unhoused to help end key causes of homelessness in Adams County while supporting programs like heating and utility assistance.

1 in 10

Adams county est. poverty rate

On city council, Kathy mobilized “Neighbors for the Unhoused” where she fought to increase services for wrap-around services for the unhoused and to support utility and rental assistance during tough months when residents needed a helping hand the most.

As County Commissioner, Kathy will fight for better services and more accountability in how our tax dollars are being spent on programs for those who need them most. Kathy will work with Adams County to collaborate with nonprofits, businesses, and local governments across the county.

  • Support community-driven wrap-around services for unhoused families to support mental health, rehabilitation, basic needs and to support the dignity of Adams county families in crisis.
  • Rent, utility, diaper and other assistance programs play a key roles in keeping young families in their homes. Kathy will help evaluate and support high-performing programs.
  • Kathy will target the root causes of homelessness and work with community, business, and non-profit leaders to support services that have been demonstrated to work.

Evaluate impact to do the most good.

Kathy will work with community partners and county leaders to evaluate what programs are working and fight for the funding they need, while holding accountable misuse of taxpayer dollars towards inefficient programs.

Kathy’s fighting for us. We’ll fight for her.

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