Fight to preserve our access to clean air & water.

Big steps are needed to protect our environment.

New technologies, carbon reduction policies, and workforce modernization are just a few needed initiatives to defend our future.

50% by 2040

Estimated Adams county population growth

Ensure a just-transition for workers and work with Governor Polis to reduce our carbon footprint and meet 100% renewable energy by 2040.

Reduce our carbon footprint and enforce higher air quality standards in Adams County.

  • Ensure a minimum of 50% renewable energy sources used in Adams county by 2030.
  • Ensure every residence, place of business, and community location has access to reliable recycling programs.
  • Approve over 3,000+ new solar installations in Adams county over the next few years.

Safe air, clear water. It’s worth fighting for.

Kathy has taken on big polluters and won. She led the county effort to stop groundwater contamination from the Thornton Shopping Center and bring better air quality to Adams County. She’ll never stop fighting for us.

Kathy’s fighting for us. We’ll fight for her.

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